Amazing Exotic of Sempu Island

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sempu Island is a small island in the south of Java Island. This island is in Malang District, East Java province. It has wide around 877 hectare and formally becomes a sanctuary under the goverment since 1928. Based on finding in 2000, there are 223 kinds of plants, 144 more kinds of birds species, mamals, and others.Geographically, Sempu Island is in 112°40’54”- 112°42’45” east longitude and 8°27’24”- 8°24’54” south latitude. This island is border on Sendang Biru beach in the north and Hindia Ocean in the east, shouth and west.

Visiting this island needs 4-5 hours from Malang city by car. You can rent a car or using public transportation. Before reaching Sempu Island, you will be in Sendang Biru Beach first. It is a fisherman market. Form Sendang Biru, you can rent a boat to reach Sempu Island. It needs 15 minutes.

There are two gates to get into Sempu Island. It is based on your destination

. If you want to visit Segara Anakan Lagoon, you have to choose Ant Bay (Teluk Semut) gate. If you want to visit Lele Lake (Telaga Lele), you h
ave to choose Waru Waru gate.

The most exotic part of Sempu Island is its lagoon, Segara Anakan. It is like a lake with salty water where is bordered by high reef. The supply of the water is from ocean when the high wave bring it into the border reef.

You can enjoy swimming withouth worry with current wave. If you like snorkling, it also has beautiful underwater panorama. You can also enjoy the white sand by laying down or playing outdoor volley ball.

Telaga Lele becomes favourite place for the visitor to build a tent. It’s caused that Lele Lake (Telaga Lele) is a freshwater lake. If you’re lucky, you will see some wild animals like leopard or panther visit this lake for drinking.

Let you know that there is no hotel and restaurant here. So if you want to visit this island, you have to prapare by yourself about the tent, meal, medicine, light and water.

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