Google Glass

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Google Glass is one inovation developed by Google, it's an futuristic gadget, interact and connect the world with wearable computer or thats we can say " Glasses".
With this "smartglasses" all we do just like we working with a premium Smartphone gadget, you’ll either be eager to get your Android eyes behind it, or feel paranoid that everyone with a pair is videoing your crotch.

While on-board Bluetooth enables basic hands-free use with any smartphone, you’ll need an Android 4.0.3+ device to enable GPS and SMS messaging. An on-board camera can snap 5MP stills or 720p video, and a tiny in-frame mic picks up your voice, and ambient sounds for video, and now Google has Update Glasses with HDR camera.
Although you can flip through menus with a tap on Google Glass’s touch-sensitive frame, much cooler is to say the magic words ‘OK Glass’. This wakes up the Siri-style voice recognition, which lets you take pictures or launch Google searches.
Google touts the tiny prismatic high resolution display as equivalent to a 25-inch HD screen from eight feet away. That might be true but probably a fairer comparison is to your phone’s screen held at arm’s length – a four- or five-line menu is easy to make out but you couldn’t view a web page or even read much of an email.
We also found the screen a little tricky to line up – if the frames move a centimetre on your nose, much of the display simply fades away. Images and video looked fine, if rather skimpy on detail viewed within the Google Glass itself.

In the busy wireless environment of Google’s I/O conference, either the Glass had trouble either linking to its phone or the mobile couldn’t get internet access. Either way, it’s a little temperamental. When it worked, it worked very well, pulling up web results in a flash and shooting pictures in the blink of an eye (sadly, not literally).
Users are clamouring for automatic picture-taking, like the new Memoto gadget, but at the moment you have to speak to shoot each one – which may put shy types’ minds at ease.

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